To date, the association is composed exclusively of volunteers.
We are all salaried employees from the private sector or students and we invest in our free time.

Access to 3d printers

The association provides its members with two 3d printers:

  • BQ Hepestos printer:
    • PLA materials only,
    • printing area of 215*210*190 mm (L*W*H),
    • heating plate
  • Hypercube DIY printer (being finalized):
    • PLA and ABS materials multicolour (multifilament insertion *4),
    • printing area of 400*400*390 mm (L*W*H)
    • heating plate

Provision of software and configuration files to prepare his prints at home,

As with all materials, a short training course is required before using the equipment.

Access to animation details

Based on our past experiences with different associative structures, the collective makes it a point of honour to share its know-how with active members and after one year as a member.

Concretely, each animation, experience, workshop will be the subject of descriptive sheets on :

  • physical implementation, construction, preparation, installation, storage,
  • the use, the animation of the experience

CréAct'IV Sciences is committed

Fête de la Science

Annual attendance*
Every year in October
A national event of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

World Space Week

Annual attendance*
Every year, over 10 days between 04 October and 14 October.
A world event of the UN (United Nations organization) via the resolution of December 6, 1999 and under the national coordination of the Cité de l'espace of Toulouse.

PoP'Sciences Festival

Bisanual participation*
Organized by the University of Lyon.
Local event in the form of a free festival open to all. Biennial

Le Jour de la Nuit

Annual attendance*
National event organized by the association Agir pour l'environnement.
The aim is to raise awareness about light pollution.

*Subject to acceptance of the files of animations, workshops, exhibitions by the validating committees or scientific coordination of the events.

About us :

CréAct’IV Sciences is an association for culture and the creation of popular science events.

Contact us :

Mail : contact(@)creactiv-sciences.fr
Telephone : +33 (0)7 81 83 87 35
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