Video Capture

CréAct’IV Sciences can carry out your private or public video recordings.

Thanks to our technical means, we have the capacity to answer a very broad panel of project:

  • with or without the presence of an audience,
  • live on internet or simply recorded,
  • interactive video editing with quizzes,

Whatever your project, we can help you organize and prepare it.

Contact us via the contact page to get a custom quote, at an attractive rate.

The service offer ‘video capture’ includes :

  • the technical means necessary to film your project,
  • the commitment of delivery for the editing,
  • the legal documents of image rights (if public broadcasting) or confidentiality and non-broadcasting (between you and CréAct’IV Sciences for your project which you reserve the use),
  • the provision of the video by download link or usb key,

The service offer does not include:

  • the creation of the script or scripting of your project,
  • the aspects in margin of the capture, make-up, special effects (other than inlaying green background and chroma),

About us :

CréAct’IV Sciences is an association for culture and the creation of popular science events.

Contact us :

Mail : contact(@)
Telephone : +33 (0)7 81 83 87 35
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