Astronomy Passion

Member of the AFA, (French astronomy association)  and strong of several amateur astronomers, CréAct’IV Sciences is very present in the west of Lyon and on all the region AURA.

You like astronomy or you are simply curious to discover this passion and to take a look at our close universe?

You need help to use your instruments, you want an introduction to astronomy, you want to discover the night sky or you want to organize a personal astronomical observation evening or an event.

We will help you to organize your discovery in a friendly atmosphere, where our animators will make you discover “astronomy passion”!

Contact us via the contact page to obtain a customized estimate, at an attractive rate.

Equipped with several transportable instruments, we intervene everywhere your needs require it.

  • initiation to the use of telescope,
  • workshops around astronomy (school, leisure center, association, company),
  • astronomy conference(s) (already developed or on a theme that interests you),
  • daytime observation, sun observation,
    night observation.
  • Observation directly with the eyepiece (you look through the optics of the instruments) or in reality assisted by computer allowing to diffuse the images through a screen with the help of camera, to a great number of people on site or via internal.
  • Equipped with a generator, barnum, etc., the place is not a constraint to the “astronomy passion”

About us :

CréAct’IV Sciences is an association for culture and the creation of popular science events.

Contact us :

Mail : contact(@)
Telephone : +33 (0)7 81 83 87 35
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