Our Animations

Here is an overview of the animations, workshops and exhibitions proposed by Créact’IV Sciences. We regularly develop new modules to enrich our catalogue. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Visualize gravity

Interactive animation presenting Gravity: simulation of the solar system (earth moon etc) using a space-time simulator. Possibility to extend on the relativistic theories from Galileo to Einstein.
Possible option with the "focus black holes" workshop

Discovery of the electromagnetic force

Interactive animation to discover the electromagnetic force (from magnets to electric motor)

World Space Week Exposition

Exhibition of models with descriptive panels on the theme of space. Exhibited every year during the World Space Week event.

Black hole focus

Workshop animated with a model showing the distortion of time when approaching a black hole, a "curvature box" and a simulation of an accretion disc.

Astronomical instruments

Static display of astronomical instruments (telescope, radio telescope)

Depicting the Solar System

Interactive animation. Lecture on the solar system with a performance by a street-artist letting his imagination take over the idea of a planetary system.
Artwork by CAPIE street-artist http://www.art-by-capie.com